Okay, I come and check my galleries and what i see is...1-2 comments for my drawings. Then I go to the galleries of kitty77 which she uploaded the same day and already she has 27- up comments. That's a ripp off. I'm as good as her, at least give me some of the glory. I know I haven't lately drawing but I mean... I GOT A BOYFRIEND AND MY BESTIES ARE JEALOUS OF HIM...so i gotz lots of artblocks.u guyz could at least check my blog galleries. I f u dont know what i feel listen to dancing with tears in my eyes by Ke$ha. "With every move I die...""I'm Fading...""I'm Losing it!!!""I'm broken inside..." If u guys keep it up, i'll leave here not officialy but more in deviantart with WeLoveAnime98.

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"With out a pulse,"


                "It's all my fault"

Topics: DogLover12, Why, Me
  • June 10, 2010
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