[TOXIC] 8:30 pm: xD ahaha wat would
u do if u was charlieskies xD
    [TOXIC] 8:30 pm: but im using this
persons picture xD
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:30 pm: o.o
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:30 pm:
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:30 pm: Idk
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:30 pm: xD
    [TOXIC] 8:30 pm: :]
    [TOXIC] 8:30 pm: xD
    [TOXIC] 8:30 pm: ahaha u never know
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:30 pm: xD
    [TOXIC] 8:30 pm: i might be a fake 8D
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:30 pm: ;o
    [TOXIC] 8:31 pm: xDD
    [TOXIC] 8:31 pm: .....between me and
u....im charlie...
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:32 pm: LOL.
    [TOXIC] 8:32 pm: but dont tell anyone
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:32 pm: mMMKAY
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:32 pm: XD
    [TOXIC] 8:32 pm: i used a fake so i can
see what everyone things of me :/
    [TOXIC] 8:32 pm: thinks*
    [TOXIC] 8:32 pm: and now i see that i
have a deformed face :/
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:33 pm: xD
    [TOXIC] 8:33 pm: O: u dont belive
    [XxXKoalaBearXxX] 8:33 pm: I DO?
    [TOXIC] 8:34 pm: oh ok....well just dont
tell anyone!!!
    [TOXIC] 8:34 pm: i trust u

Vencent im not trying to be mean but ur a fake D8<

VencentIshAFAKE sorry vencent. ANd I couldnt find that other guy.... The scene guy with snakebites but w/e... DONT BE A FAKE CUZ U KNOW WHAT HAPPENDS AFTER D8<

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