On Wednesday I went to camp with my class for three days. The trip there took, like, hours.Plus, we had to walk uphill for about half an hour with some of our luggage. I don't really want to type up my whole trip, so I'll just note the highlights. On our first day, we went kayaking and canoeing. Under 15 minutes, three people flipped over and into the water (one of them being my best friend, who also injured herself on the dock). Then we went canoeing. Wind and rain had begun to pick up so only 3 canoes got into the water before they had to return. One of them didn't return- right away at least. The two people on the canoe were blown away by the wind into the middle of the ocean, and one of them fell into the water and was in there until he was rescued.

   On the second day, we were playing this game called camoflauge. It was similar to hide and seek, except the 'it' person had to stay in the same place. During one of our games we were playing beside a cliff. One of my friends dove behind a log to hide and most of everyone freaked ouyt and thought he had dove off the cliff, but he was lying low behind the log. We also did archery. Instead of aiming for targets (well, there WERE targets we could aim for and hit, but most decided not to), we aimed for our counseller's water bottle. He didn't mind, since he could get a free t-shirt and another bottle if he broke it, he even aimed for it. I hit it twice. ^_^ We played capture the flag, I fell, more like face planted, down the grassy hill while chasing after someone. Then we had a campfire and sang (or yelled) campfire songs. It was really crazy.

   On our last day (today), we packed up. We played capture the c.ig once more as well after breakfast. Breakfast, by the way, was waffles, which we ate after singing the 'Waffle song'. As we left the camp, it seemed so unreal. I mean, we slept there for  2 nights, but it seems like a distant memory now. Now I miss camp. It was too hectic, too chaotic (in a good way) to leave. They sent us off with sandwiches, juice and grapes. I was welcomed back home with, "Hey, you gained weight." See the difficulty I have to feel good about myself when comments like these are thrown at me all the time.

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