she being so stupid! she thinks she's all popular! i asked a whole bunch of the popular girls if they liked her they said not really. i told her and shes like your lying your just jellous and i'm like no your just being a retard i noe that was't the best thing tosaybut i was soooooomad !  then i told her she's just the background character in the freakin group and then she said na-uh  and im like have you seen yourself you just listen yu don't talk and no one talks to you!  then when she was siting alone i went to sit by her when  sat down she freakin scooted like i was contagious or something then se all like we're not friends and i was pised off becuase of that i was like iws trying to be nice to you you don't want me to sit by you fine jerk! you suk! UHG! and i moved to another table by my other friends. i don't noe why she thought i was freaking ignoring her that B#$*@! one day shes all nice and crap next she's acting like a f'ing b#&*@!


sorry for the langue i'm just so mad

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links of london classic sweetie Onsale is the visualize of the civic as much design as their mothers and grandmothers wore as part of ritual and tradition. These have a keen rate force to links of london bangles make girls decrease in affection with top conditio...
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