Hey there! It's your old pal, yummychums. I am setting up an advice column. You ask me the questions and I give you the answer which is of course, my advice for you. Of course, it's not the other way around. For example:

I'm having trouble contacting my friend so what should I do?


If your friend is at school or some place where you see each other a lot, try talking to her/him. If you can't do that, ask someone close to her/him if they can find out the reason why or if they can do the talking. If you're trying to contact her/him by IM, texting, e-mailing, etc., stop for a while and see if she/he does anything like says to you,"Why didn't you text me yesterday?" or something like that. Then, ask her/him the explanation for why she/he didn't contact you back. You ought to find a solution to every problem.




There ya go!

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