Miki-San was teaching Confettispot how to fight, while Blaze was looking at the lake. "How CAN we get them back?" Blaze asked.  "Darkness's henchmen has them."  replied Miki-San.  "We need to get them before the hencmen transport them to her."  "Who's Darkness, anyway?" "She's an evil seedrian who wants to take over Jirachi." "Oh." Confettispot's mouth was trembling, trying to say something.  "Confettispot's first words!!"  Confettispot had a lollipop.  "Woweepop."  Then Blaze saw a hedgehog lying on the ground weakly.  Scourge?  Why was he here?  "Scourge! What are you doing here?!" Blaze asked.  "I haven't eaten for 3 WEEKS."  "Okay, don't be too crabby."  Scourge saw Confettispot's lollipop.  "MINE!!!" Confettispot put it in her mouth. "Syke."  "Oh, come on!"  Miki-San glared at Scourge.  Have I seen him before?  He and the destructix broke out of prison, so that must be him! But something was different.  His clothing was torn and ragged, even filthy.  Miki-San was ready for battle.  She clenched her fists.  I'm ready when you are. 

That's chapter one!!!  I worked really hard on it!!!

Topics: Adventure
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