Hey people, today i'm doing my first blog. Also, i'm going fishing. Last time all i caught was a bunch of stupid sunnies. Oh, and two blue gills. Today i'm hoping to catch a couple northerns about two pounds atleast. I'm thinking that i shouldn't just stick to the computer all day, so for about a couple hours i'll be fishing. About 5 months ago i caught my first fish, a cropie.

Drawing is one of the things i like to do best. I'm better at drawing on paper, so i'm working on my drawing skills on the computer.

                                         See you in my next blog,


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Quote:Originally posted by: CPstar32
u know u can show ppl your drawings on paper by putting them on gallery? take a pic of it(camera's best)and go to upload picture on top of the screen.
good idea
  • July 16, 2010
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