Everyone one was silent. Icepaw stared at the ground.

"We are very sorry, Icepaw." Ivypaw whimpered.

"It was just to deep. At least your eye is still okay." Mouseclaw said quietly. But Icepaw nothing was okay. She had a big, red scar across her eye.

"You don't have to apoligize, guys. After all, I am the one who got into this trouble." The tears wlled in her eyes now. "I'll be okay." Once again, she wasn't okay. Her mother's words stuck in her head: You will be the savior of Iceclan... Why couldn't she just be a normal cat, in a normal clan?

"Ivypaw," Mouseclaw's words brought her out of her thoughts. "Keep Icepaw company, while I'm over at the elder's den. Remeber..."

"Yes, I know, there's a full stock of dandelion leaves if she gets a fever. And I'll make sure to keep her company." She replied swiftly.

As soon as Mouseclaw left, Ivypaw sat down beside Icepaw, and started sorting herbs.

"Volepaw seemed really worried about you when you were attacked. He even ran at the beavers, but luckily brokentooth stopped him just in time." Ivypaw said.

Icepaw really didn't think anything of Ivypaw's words. "Yeah, Volepaw is pretty brave. He would save anyone."

"I don't know, he seemed really worried, even for him. I think he likes you." Ivypaw said with a grin.

"You kidding yourself, Volepaw would never like me. He's the strongest, bravest, voted-most-likely-to-be-leader, apprentice all around the lake. He'd much rather have Featherpaw, or...or...anyone prettier than me." Icepaw mumbled.

"Icepaw, look at me. You have to be the prettiest she-cat in the clan." Ivypaw's gaze made Icepaw feel peaceful.

"Yeah...but no tom-cat would pick a she-cat with a scar like this."

"That just makes you look braver, Icepaw. Don't worryjust because he likes you, doesn't mean you have to like him."

"B-but what happens if I do like him?"

"Well, tell him how you feel. Now it's getting late. You should rest. Good night."

"Good night, Ivypaw." Icepaw closed her eyes, falling into her dreams about Volepaw."

To be contiuned...

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