hello.  i am CONTROL_FREAK!!! joke... my name is ziamani12.

today i'd chat with a friend of me and she talks about make a mang

a book. and it's a great idea. 579249fqa3cgrxeo.jpgwe gonna draw it by ourself. it's a little difficult. ok.... it's really dificult. the manga it's about 3 friends in wonderland!2706322wmcemo8fec.png starrings are: "me and other two friends. Kitty and Rosey." that's they'r nickname...

you know.... it's so boring at home. nothing to do368961yzn6nhcis8.gif so i'm 24 ours at the computer... ok... 2 ours.

tomorrow, me and my familie go's to a movie call karate kid. 600339ch1hhtzgn1.gifi wonder how's to be a moviestar like miley cyrus and taylor swift and other stars. i think it's great! walking on te red carpet and to gift signaturs. 952754ul3aa7eawd.gif that's all for this time.


P.S the animated graphics is made by: glitter-graphics

Topics: sunday, year
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