This is a blog, for anyone who didn't know, there is your answer. I don't know why i am writing this but hey, something good has to come out of it. I'm not an optimist, i am the opposite of that, not sure what the word is but oh well. Anyone who is reading, thankyou, please send me a friend invite and i will invite you to MiGhTy cLaN. MiGhTy cLaN is a clan that i made up, (DUH), and we don't really do much at all, we might muck around draw stuff and generally talk about nothing in particular, music, life, girls, boys, anything really, but, you probably didn't want to know that and neither did i, i am gonna make a poll on what you thought of my blog entries, (please be NICE, lolz), and post what you think in comments, you are probably thinking how lame i must be to still be writing this and to put it simply i don't really know how i am putting up with it, if you are putting up with reading this then you deserve a medal, when you finish reading send me a message and i will draw you a medal with your username on it, (how sad is that), anyway i am gonna see how long i can type for before my nan gets home and reads this, i really hope she doesn't because that would be invading on my personal privacy, not that i have much anyway, if you do get to finish reading this then you must be extremely bored and have nothing to do, by draw you a medal i mean i will draw one on paper and upload it, so there's another thing you understand but it has most likely gone through one side of your brain and out of the other, thats how bored you must be by now, you must also be thinking how lame i am to ask you to put what you think of my blog entries in comments and i agree with you, it is lame, but i rarely ever get comments, guess what, wait fo it, wait for it, wait for it... I am still typing, i have now put the font size to big so i can read it properly, because i lost my glasses.  Anyway Happy Birthday to anyone who has their birthday today, i don't know why i just typed that but oh well. Peace out people.-pAnda77- xXi epic failz iXx- MiGhTy pAnDa-xboxpAnda171   (all of them are usernames fo different stuff.)


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*headdesk* lolz I better get a medal for reading this
  • July 28, 2010
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