Last night I had this series of dreams, with a whole bunch of weird characters in them. After beating up a Government dude and getting mine, and Lief(from Deltora Quest)'s weapons back, I found myself with some One Piece characters: Zoro, Robin and Chopper, oh and my sister. We outside of this arena-like place in some city. Inside of the arena was some sort of monster (which, to me had a resemblance to the monster-things in Resident Evil). My sister and Robin were watching the monster from a crack in the arena wall, Chopper was standing nervously behind Robin, and me and Zoro were standing a little farther back.

   Suddenly the monster began coming closer to our location. I looked around for the whatever had given us away, when I noticed Zoro, who stood a little taller than the wall, his green hair clearly visible. "Marimo, the monster can see your hair," I whispered frantically. Zoro just bobbed his head upside down. I tried alerting him again. Suddenly, he jumped into action and told us to follow him. He ran toward a pillar about 3 meters away and we followed in a line. He ran around it and went right back to the place we were before. Everyone began cheering and saying they were safe from the monster while I looked at the idiots in bewilderment. Zoro then noticed he hadn't avoided the monster so he had us follow him to the yoghurt section in a superstore- like plac, and again everyone cheered about their well-being in the store.

   I just stared at them like they were complete morons (I mean really, a SUPERSTORE?), and looked nervously at the monster-sized door that a monster could fit through (actually there were two monster-sized doors). Well, that's the end of THAT part of the dream. I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately.

Topics: one, piece, monster, fail
Same over here I had one where I kneed elvis in the nuts litterally very weird...
  • August 2, 2010
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Quote:Originally posted by: Pinkfire2010Same over here I had one where I kneed elvis in the nuts litterally very weird...Lol, I've been having a whole ton of weird dreams lately. Usually somehow connecting to what I was thinking of or doing before I fall asleep.
  • August 3, 2010
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