hihi everyone! Okay, so, im pretty sure you guys have heard this line before, but anywhoo... Im new here ^^

Since I am new, I don't know what to do and what happens if you submit a tutorial and how long you will have to wait for it to turn up on your page.

I already made 2 tutorials, though I don't know how much longer i have to wait for the thing to come up TAT

lol anyways on the other side, please stop by my Deviantart page and take a look at my art work! and if you dont, never mind, im going to slowly upload them up to here ^^ Hope you'll enjoy it C:    

Oh and If there is something you want me to create a tutorial for ( or draw), then just send me a note. I think i can do pretty much anything as long as its Anime/Manga, Gijinka, and a girl. ^^ Dont hesitate to ask!!

Topics: Deviant, art, Im, new
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