Hey,how have you guys been doing lately?

August already,i know school has started or will start soon!D:Well,i just wanted to write a little blog just to talk about this topic.We are young.(:

Atleast i think most of the people on this site are.x] So i was talking to my friend the other day well shes part of my family but i dont know if shes my neice or cousin or what(big asian/spanish family xD) but uh she offered me this acting job in a movie supposedly her aunt is directing.she asked me to cause her gma wants both of us to act together.so i told her i'd do it if she did.really?was her reply.i responded "yeah,sure why not,i wanna try EVERYTHING,once in my life.it aint gonna kill me" she said that she didnt wanna do it and i was completely fine with it.but then she said well i dont wanna hold you back from doing everything in your life so ill do it.shes so nice.lmfao but i told her id have a lot more oppurtunities.

see now you may be thinking:"WHAT THE [censorship ;p] DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE TOPIC?"

To be honest I dont know myself xD;;it just got me thinking about our young lives.

i mean most of us are around 10-16 yrs old right?we're young.we're strong.we're smart

but we may not always be this way,im 13 and i wanna try every single thing in life has to offer at least once!not just grow old and look back on my life and say to myself "damn i could have done that when i was younger"

i want to graduate elementary,high school,college.go to prom.go to school games.go to parties with my friends.go be an athlete.go be a friend.a best friend.a girlfriend and maybe a wife.and a doctor.btu what i really wanna do is help people.i think thats what i was born to do.i know u may think "psh shes just a kid she doesnt know what its like" well maybe i dont.maybe ill look back on this blog and say to myself "damn i was so corny back then"well i am i admit.xD

but i really want to help people.ive been doing volunteer work all over new jersey.and im seriously studying to be a cardiologist(heart doctor) so i can than be allowed to travel to third world countries and continents like haiti,africa,central america,and mostly my homeland the philippines.but right now as a kid

im writing this blog to help YOU.yes you.i want young kids to think about what they're doing and how they themselves should live their lives. most people on here r artists (drawingnow.com duhh)well what kind of artist r u gonna be?and do u think u can maybe help people with ur art?just think about it and what u do is all im asking 'cause kids these days dont put much thought into what they say or do and it comes right back to get them.

Karma.I believe in Karma.Do something good you will be rewarded.do something bad game over.

Bottom Line:YOU are young.LIVE you life.LOVE doing it and the people who are in it.HELP EVERYONE.

thank you for reading my stupid blog (:

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just do ur best kid to help others.i'm on ur side.
  • August 17, 2010
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Quote:Originally posted by: scion3713
just do ur best kid to help others.i'm on ur side.

thanks (:
  • August 17, 2010
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