I was bored and nothing to do so I decide to start  a list of what animes I did watch!!!!! Because i watch to much i will just post one a week with images, principals characters and synopsis!!!!!

1# Doremi


This is an anime that i watch when i was 10 years old , i really like that anime a lot. I'm watching the fifth season in the tv now because they never put it when i was young but enought talk.

Here the synopsis:

Doremi Harukaze, 3rd grade student at Misora Elementary School, claims to be the world's unluckiest pretty girl. Fascinated by witchcraft, she is drawn into a mysterious shop where she meets Majo Rika and is able to deduce that this lady is in fact a real witch. Being exposed by a human triggers a curse that transforms witches into magical frogs. To regain her original body, Rika must turn Doremi into a witch by teaching her how to use magic. Thrilled by this odd development, Harukaze becomes a witch apprentice. Unfortunately, her two best friends, Hazuki Fujiwara and Aiko Senoo, discover that Doremi has become a magic user. Afraid that Harukaze might become a magical frog too, Majo Rika recruits both Hazuki and Aiko and makes them witch apprentices. The trio has lots of adventures as they try to triumph the necessary trials to become real witches.



Doremi Harukaze is the protagonist. She is the first daughter of Keisuke (a fishing writer) and Haruka (originally a pianist, now a homemaker) and the older sister of Poppu. She wears her hair in two large round buns, similar to odango atama. Doremi personality is lively to the point of being noisy, clumsy and careless but very compassionate, and has shown to be boy-crazy in earlier anime. Her favorite food is steak. Her best-known quote translates into "I'm the unluckiest pretty girl in the whole world."


Hazuki Fujiwara is a shy, passive, and sweet girl, and a childhood friend of Doremi ever since kindergarten. Hazuki cares about her family very much, especially her mother, and always liked the dresses her mom buys and did everything her mom told her to do. Hazuki is very afraid of ghosts; she tries to cope with this fear by thinking of Majo Rika, as well as chanting her name repeatedly. 


Aiko Senoo is an outgoing tomboy who wears overalls  and has split curled hair. She is a transfer student. She occasionally wears pigtails and dresses, which make her look younger than she is. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her father, a taxi driver, while her mother, a nurse, works in Osaka. She loves both her parents very much and wishes for them to get back together. She tries to bring them back together with forbidden magic once in the fourth season before being stopped by Doremi. Also, she's very good at athletics and is the most athletic of the Ojamajo.


Onpu Segawa was an apprentice of Majoruka, Majorika's rival. Onpu is a famous idol. At first, she is a selfish girl, but when she makes friends with Doremi, she changes. Her personality is cool and enigmatic at first, but her kind and selfless heart is definite. She is adored by many, mostly boys. She lives with her mother, who was once a singer herself before an accident. Her father, though extremely busy as a train driver, loves his daughter very much.


Momoko is a transfer student from the New York, United States. Her father is an architect and her mother is a photographer. She becomes friends with Doremi and her friends, who teach her how to speak Japanese. She in turn, teaches them how to bake for the third season's Mahou-Do.  Momoko loves Majomonroe very much, just like a member of her own family, and even once tried to use the forbidden magic to bring her back to life.



Hana-chan , A baby who was born from the Witch Queen Rose. The flower gives birth to a baby only once every 100 years. The babies of the Rose have extraordinary magic power, hence Hana is the throne successor of the Witch's Land.She is raised by Doremi and her friends. In the fourth series, she transformed herself into a 12 year-old so she could go to Misora Elementary School with her "mothers". Hana (as a baby) is introduced to Doremi's friends as Rika's younger daughter's baby.

Anime pics:


ojamajo_doremi_motto_group.jpg anime image by Dark_Sango%5Bsmall%5D%5BAnimePaper%5Dscans_Ojamajo


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