Hello all! I starting a new warrior cat group soon which should be much more sucessful then the two minor groups before. But as you know imagnation strikes on every turn in the forest of the Warrior Cats! So I have to decided to make two most unique clans, give it up for Iceclan and Fangclan! I got to give you some info about both of them now 'cause I am so impaitent...but anyway we are going to start with Iceclan: They live in the lake, and you ask me how? Well they can use the special ability of thier clan to freeze water. So they create a ice tunnel from the surface down to a cave with an air-pocket above. Now your probaly thinking what there dens look like... well the dens are made from rocks, shiny-fish-scales, and moss. There cave is full of ice which is used as a traditional medicine cat tool. And last  but not least their diet. Thier diet is small beetles, shellfish, and fish.

Now to Fangclan: They live on they south side of Shadowclan and have a very cluttered territory that hides them from two-legs. They have a special fighting technique which they use thier long fangs to confuse thier enemey by flashing thier fangs and jumping around to various points so the enemy does not exactly know where the he is going next. Well what the heck do the dens look like? They come in varities between fangs, claws, petals, grass, and much more. Jeez... Fangclan can eat alot and just thier lucky butts that they can take anything down from the smallest mouse to the largest badger!

Thx for reading!

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