i am emo and my parents want me to cheer up because they said i am not that easy to talk to plz any other emos or goths tell me wat i should say to them!!! DX DX DX

Topics: emo, goth, sadist
well if you have a boyfriend or girl friend depending on your Gender, then just basicly let them know but brake it to them as if they allready knew and then just laugh a bit more when your around your BF or GF, im in a relationship, and thats how i broke it to them and they've layed of me even tho i...
  • August 24, 2010
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umm difficulties ,it might be abit late but i can think of 3 things ,all kinda simple ,1 lie  fake it pretned ot be the nice duaghter/son they want ....i find this one easiest , 2 just be you ,if you dont wanna talk then dont talk just b yourself ,3 open up (probably the best choice) ik it sounds ...
  • August 30, 2010
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Did someone f*cking hack me?!
  • August 4, 2013
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