Well my mom 4got 2 bring the house key when we went out

So wen we got home DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

So we went to the back door and went through the gate

theres a doggy door 4 small dogs so I got into it (cuz my mom couldnt do it)but my chest made it so I couldnt get vry far =_= and I couldnt get th doornob cuz my rm wsnt long enough the IO had 2 get ou and put my othr arm through and get the doornob lock unluckily theres 1 of those locks abv it which r the metal or wtevr type bolt tht has a little part tht u pull up thn ovr 2 unlock it couldnt reach then my mom got a fly swatter and once I jst had 2 get out and cry alittle cuz right now I get vry emotional and stressed out esily

if u dnt no y ok if u dnt no y dnt think about it

then I tried again anter so long I finally got it and my arm still hurts like non other but we got in the house and since I saved us frm staying outside I get money to help me buy th bat plush tht I wanted so I can live with my arm XD LOL

And I recieved B/E points dnt no how many but I got em XD

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