uu no I dnt get haters I mean sure u can dislike sumthing

but y go around looking stuff up about it on youtube

thn *****ing about it it makes no sence

4 example no1 get mad but I dnt like rap

ok but I dnt look up rap vids on youtube thn comment about

how it sux and they should die NO i leave it alone

bcuz ppl r gna like or dislike wat u dislike or like

and u no I dnt get how on utube they hav all these emo

ppl vids and ppl get on thm and say their such f**s Then Y

r u looking them up It makes no scence wat so ever

I mean If I dnt like sumthing I stay away from it not watch

vids about it thn leave sum comment relating tht I hav nothing btr 2 do

thn critizise othr ppl that unlike me hve a life and do ths ppl rlly think theyre so

tough behind a keyboard and a screen I mean Im just like u no

type away it wont affect my life in the least bcuz u dnt no me and apparently ur 2 scared 2 say it to my face so I just sit there and laugh because u no theyre written words and  I dont care wat ppl Ive nvr even met think of me

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