Good Morning,Afternoon,Evening.

It's Sammy and most of you guys know me from practically know me since i go on Live Chat a lot...and that I've been on here for 3 years.xD

Anyways,as some of you know,i have several accounts on here that I would like to state.

Samastar-My main account since '07 and I will most probably be on that account most of the time.I mostly upload and post things with this acc.

Lusty_lil_Sammy-Adopted in late '08 'cause,I had,had a strike on my main acc(Samastar) and i made it to serve as a back up.Luckily I didnt really need to use it.(:

ThatBadChick-Recently made in August of this year.'Cause I got tired of my old names..lmao but I do not go on it at all,again it also serves as a back up acc.

SRLC-I made this one yesterday...xDDDD Reason I made freakin' idea.But just to answer your questions those letters are my initals,Samantha Rose Lauron Contreras.I know...long-as* name. :O

Since Samastar is my main acc there is a higher probabilty of me replying back to msgs,comments,etc.

So please.Only message me on that acc.

Oh and my real life girlfriend(yes,I'm bisexual.Tongue),Jenni,may go on one of those accs.I doubt it tho.She doesn't have her own account on here so don't assume anyone named Jennifer is her please. -_-'

Why am I telling you guys everything?Just wanted to clear stuff up before some idiot comes on,in chat,thinking they can screw around with me. Tongue

They can't.

Well,that's all folks. ;D

Thanks for reading.

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night.


P.S-Maybelle4life was being a derp.And got haxed.xD

I felt the need to say that :3

lololol u still go on here <3
  • September 21, 2010
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Quote:Originally posted by: Kanna
lololol u still go on here <3
lol i just began to come on like a month ago
  • September 21, 2010
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