This is only for those who want to be real artists here is what you do. You know how this website shows you step by step, well just skip all of the steps to the end and just draw it from there [CAUTION this is for those who have always drawn step by step perfectly. If you don't draw without step by step do the step by step but try to do it by just looking at it.]

I have   a tip for you. Never ever trace the only time you can trace is never. Tracing is for those who 0like drawing but hate doing it by their own  

Hello. I am an expert in drawing just not the computer as much. If only I had a smartboard then i would use the marker to make my stuff, but anyway this is if you want to become a famous artist [ Drawing cartoons for a show counts as famous artist] I will have tips and anything to do with drawing..walkman.gifwalkman.gifwalkman.gif

Topics: drawing, tips, stuff
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