That’s what I remember last happening.
    As I woke up I felt a never ending gust of wind come from my right side and blew above and beneath me. My eyes blurred from the blasting wind and it took me several minutes to be able to open my eyes, even if I had to squint. I tried looking toward the source of wind, since it just didn’t seem natural in the summer. What I saw surprised me, freaking me out a little when I realized I wasn’t dreaming. I looked to my other side, the warmer side, away from the wind. The sight I saw startled me even more. I tried to piece it all together in silent bewilderment, trying to figure out if I had gone mad or not.
    To my right, above and below me was a vast ocean of blue sky, white clouds whizzing by like sea foam. I was in the air, travelling at speeds I was unaccustomed to without some sort of metal capsule around me. And to my left… the older boy looked down at me as I stared at him in puzzlement.
    “So you’re awake,” was all he said, like it was the most natural thing in the world and that he wasn’t flying through the air carrying total stranger in his arms.
    “I’m not too sure I am,” I grumbled. “Who the heck are you?”
    The boy looked at me like, ‘Wow, it talks?’, then went back to a more placid expression. “My name’s Aradrian,” he replied shortly.
    “Wow, that says a lot.” I mumbled sarcastically. I figured this guy wasn‘t going to be much of a talker, but I wasn‘t about to shut up quite yet. “Now would you be kind enough to put me down? You could go buy us some ice cream or something while I back away slowly and make a getaway. That’s would be a happy thought.” I thought dreamily of this scenario.
    “The point of making up a getaway plan  is to make sure the person you’re getting away from doesn’t know it,” Aradrian said, the beginning a grin taunting the corners of his lips. “Though I’m not putting you down either way.”
    “I think I’m beginning to dislike you,” I glared at him disdainfully. He was really getting on my nerves. Then for the first time, I looked past his head, and saw a pair of large immaculate wings growing from his back, carrying us through the sky. And to prove my growing theory correct, I looked above his head, and sure enough, a golden halo of light encircled it. My eyes widened in shock and I felt my mouth form into a perfect circle.

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