Today was pretty laid back I guess. But some pretty weird stuff happened. Okay, so last night I imagined (or dreamed) that my English teacher was letting us watch the Nightmare Before Christmas (some wishful thinking because I love that movie).

   Lo and behold, this morning she set up the projector and screen and we watched the Nightmare before Christmas. I was like, o.0 OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!! SERIOUSLY?! Of course, that wasn't my first psychic thing, I've had a lot more, but this one was pretty extreme.

   So today was a Halloween day and some people were dressed up. I dressed up as a guy/ gangster. I only did my hair up guy-style in the second half of the day. During socials we had to do some research in the computer lab. The guy that asked me out before conveniently took the computer next to me. Annoyingly, he criticized the fact that I was dressed as a hip hop dude or whatever. He was all, "Why are you dressed as a guy? It's creepy that you actually look like one." Which was pretty much what I was aiming for.

   Of course I had people backing me up, I somehow always do. To him, a girl dressed as a guy is just wrong. So me and my army called him a sexist. And he just complained, "Okay, what if I dressed up as Jessi and she dressed up as me and I wore a frilly pink tutu?" Which I really would not like to envision, let alone see.

   Another annoying thing was people kept taking my hat as hostage. -_-" Lol.

   My costume was so convincing, that one of my socials classmates came up to me and was like, "Hey, are you new?" And I was like, Lol. One of my former teachers thought I was pretty convincing too when I visited my old school. XD

That's hilarious!
  • November 3, 2010
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Quote:Originally posted by: mchll_ranaThat's hilarious!Yeah, it is! One of the best Halloween's I've had yet. XD
  • November 4, 2010
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