The chilling wind hit Danny, making goosebumps on his arms and legs. He breathed heavily, after running a great distance across the sidewalks of New York. It was almost midnight. The rain had stop, but mumbles of thunder could be heard miles away. Danny sat against a brick wall in an alley. He was lost and scared. A homeless man had appeared. Danny turned to his left. "Hey, kid, what are you doin' out here?" The homeless man asked. "Uh...," said Danny. The homeless man ignored him and pushed his cart along. Danny looked up into the sky. A raindrop splattered on his jeans, then one in his eyes. It was almost a full moon and Danny had to hurry before it's too late. He got up, brushed his jeans, and made a run for it. His footsteps ecoed in the city streets. Pain hit him as he was running. He looked up into the sky, the white moon was getting to be full. As he was running, he zipped down his h.appy- haha. hoodie and swung it off of him. Then he took of his New York Yankee's hat, and flew that to the ground. All of a sudden, thick brown hair appeared on his arm; and then it grew on his face. He let out a screech of pain. Danny came closer to a park. Yes! Trees! Danny thought. He was now becoming more athletic. He was still running, and all of a sudden, he jumped across a taxi cab. The cab beeped its horn. Danny came to the park full of trees. They wern't big, but he had too. He sat down on a big rock, took off his jeans and the rest of his clothing. Sharp and big teeth replaced his little teeth. He growled. More thick brown hair grew on him. Danny looked up in the night sky. There was a bright full moon, so he howled. His ecoes were heard miles away.

This story is made by winter200.

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