Chapter 1

When i started i was a bit scared that i would not get on. I was worried people was going to laugh at my drawings and take the mick out of them. People made me feel welcome but I thought they would not and wont be friends with me but luckly they did.  I thought i would have people hating me and hurting my feelings but they did not and i made lots of friends i was a bit upset with my drawings because thay were not that good. people made me feel better about my drawings by saying good things about them so i started to feel glad about them I got to know my friends and there drawings so i got on really well. FACT: i saw this website on youtube that tought  people how to draw spongebob and other cartoons and guess what website it was it was I did end up liking this website...

sorry about the thing saying &nb sp;
  • November 6, 2010
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