I had the sudden urge to do some creative writing. This story's gonna be kind of sad (well, my definition of sad).

   "Mommy, why has daddy never come home?" Angela asked as her mother tucked her into bed. Angela hadn't seen her father for over three years. At first she cried and demanded to see 'daddy', but over time, she got used to the lack of presence of her dad.

   Her mother unconsciously glared at her daughter, the thoughts of her former husband rekindling the flare of hatred for him. Her face softening when she saw her daughter's frightened expression, she murmured, "He's in a place where he's happy, Sweetie." Then added to herself, "With another woman, most likely." Dianne suspected that her ex-husband had run off with one of his co-workers who, to her, had seemed to be getting too close to him.

   "But wasn't daddy happy with us?" Angela whimpered. Her mother didn't reply, but gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, then left the room. Angela sighed. She missed how her daddy used to tuck her in, and give her a kiss like her mommy always did.

   After the door had closed behind Dianne, and Angela had fallen into slumber, by Angela's bedside, an apparition appeared.

  "I am happy with you." The ghost of Angela's father smiled fondly, then bent  down and pressed his transparent lips to his daughter's forehead. The moment he straightened, he vanished.

   Three and a half years ago, Charlie had flown to Paris to get his daughter a gift for her birthday, and something nice for his wife, keeping his trip a secret from his family. But on his flight there, the plane he had flown in experienced a malfunction, and they plummeted towards the open sea, and after what seemed like a lifetime of chaos, they were underwater, in the middle of the ocean where no one could find them, where they would never be heard from again.

   The story had aired on the news for a time, but no one found the connection between the crash and the disappearance of Charlie, since he didn't make note his whereabouts. But every night, Charlie would visit his family, bidding them good night like he always did when he was alive.

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