Everybody has there own promises. I know since i'm in middle school I've had problems. Recently, I've lost my best friend and my new best friend is now hanging out with her for no good reason. Now my former best friend named Samaya got me in a PROBLEM. Well it really isn't her fault but i always have a feeling it is. My new best friend Ashley and my other best friend that i knew since 3rd grade Danisha got in a problem. Ashley with the attitude got mad at me instead of Danisha. Why you ask? Because Danisha is never in a promblem but im the nicest.....Problems always get around me for no good reason.

 Now I've made this blog saying BE YOURSELF. I'm shy yet funny and outgoing. What are you. Are you twisted, cockey, and unusual. Well tell me and i'll answer your promblems no matter what. I'm always almost on so tell me whats on your mind and i'll give you some advice. Even though i have problems of my own i know how to solve it so now i can't wait until it's MONDAY! I am going to solve my problems and i can help you.


                                                              Sata Diakite 

Topics: You, Crazy, Funny, Calm, Scary, etc.
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