ok i luv drawing, i draw in math class some times. my goal is to be an actorsingercraeterdrawer. people say i'm crazy, but hey i'll learn. i'm here to show off my drawin skills and creations. and DONT steal them. i'll find u. just joking! but please dont steal them. i made them their own name that i tell u some times. i even right a story on the long eared elf. read this! The story of the past Chapter 1 Sue look at the sun set at the snow flake castle. She was wondering about her past. It’s the only thing she doesn’t know about. ‘’Sue are you okay,’’ her best friend Tracy asked as her blue eyes twinkled. ‘’Ya, shore,’’ Sue answered pushing her long green blonde hair out of her face. Just looking at her Tracy did the same thing with her long black hair. ‘’ uhh, dinner is ready,’’ Tracy told her. ‘’Just now,’’ Sue replied. ‘’You don’t look okay,’’ Tracy said with worried eyes. ‘’I’m okay, okay,’’ sue said looking at her. Tracy looked in her misters blue eyes and said ‘’Ok then.’’ With that she turned and walked away. At night making shore everyone is a sleep. She sneaks out then she stopped. ‘’What Tracy?’’ she asked. ‘’Were you going?’’ ‘’In the forest, to the next castle.’’ ‘’You don’t mean-‘’ ‘’Yes!’’ ‘’then take this.’’ ‘’huh?’’ Sue turn around. Tracy head was down she had her sword in her hand. ‘’Your sword?’’ Sue asked. Tracy nods her head. ‘’Thanks,’’ sue said. ‘’Be careful,’’ Tracy cried. Hmmm where to go, she thought. She walked in the woods for eight weeks. Sue mostly ate bugs. Then she sensed her coming. The queen of all evil. ‘’aren’t you far from home?’’ she said and smiled mustevosly. Sue angrily smiled back. Oh no, a fight is going to begin soon. Chapter 2 ‘’You are scared I can feel it,’’ she said again. ‘’I’m not afraid of you,’’ Sue cried. ‘’Ahh, that’s where you wrong,’’ ‘’huh?’’ ‘’you think you are wise, that you are not afraid, but you are.’’ ‘’that’s not true!’’ ‘’Yes it is, cause you are a fool.’’ Sue attacked but the queen cached her. She wrapped her fingers around Sue's neck. While she was choking her she said ‘’you are strong but not strong.’’ She let her go Sue came crashing down to the floor. Then a ghostly like sprit that is black. They called them black mane. ‘’Master, master!’’ it said. ‘’Finish her!’’ the queen said. ‘’he, we, he, he!’’ the black mane said. It attack sue then its hart got stabbed by Sue’s swore. It smells good, she thought. Then she licked her sword. ‘’Your blood is differ,’’ She said to the black mane holding it up. Chapter 3 ‘’Yum I want more! I since you are not the only one. Where ever the queen is they are. But, where is she. You, you know where. Ha, your brain is still alive and I know how unlock it’s secret's. Looks like I have dessert. Ha, ha, ha!’’ she said. ‘’I know where it is now,’’ Sue cried, ‘’and dinner is here.’’ She hid behind the bushes. Another black mane came calling the first black mine. ‘’jonnie, jonnie, the queen said that she is moving the location. Joanne?’’ it cried. Sue came out and attacked sucking its blood and doing the same thing like what she did to ‘jonnie’. From then on she was called Sue the killer. She was crazed and wanted more. Now everyone is scared of her. ‘’keep away from me,’’ a girl said. ‘’I just want to be friends,’’ Sue said sadly. ‘’oh, well my name is Candy,’’ the girl replied. Haply she told candy where she’s from. ‘’Your nice,’’ Candy told her. Sue just smiled. ‘’Lacy, come out she’s nice,’’ Candy said again. Then another girl came out she looked like sue but she have purple eyes. Lacy smiled and said hi. ‘’Do you like to stay to night?!’’ Lacy asked. ‘’Shore,’’ Sue answered. The girls became friends, quickly. But Sue didn’t notice the eyes that came out of the darkness, was looking at them. Sue had fun with her new bff’s. But she had to go. Chapter 4 Did I past it already, Sue thought. Then she heard a violin playing. She walked to the sound of the music. Soon she came up to an old man- shine. ‘’What the,’’ sue could not finish her sentence. Cool air touches her as an angle with a vision paper. ‘’Sue I’ll give you wings to fly over the sea of blue death, there you would finish your destiny hero,’’ she said, ‘’I’m your sprit guide, and you must kill the queen!’’ Sue saw a flash of light then she looked be hide her. She has wings! Sue jumped and flaps her wings. ‘’Oh my!’’ she whispered singly. ‘’Go, Sue, go to the next castle,’’ the sprit said. Sue flew over the sky in the clouds. Her long ears went up. She surd like an eagle over the sky. She landed and her wings disappeared. She turf around and saw Candy and Lacy beside her. ‘’What are you doing here?’’ Sue asked. ‘’We are here to help you and stay!’’ BACK AT SNOW FLAKE CASTLE….. Tracy thought to herself, what taking sues so long. She sat at the pouch and looked outside. Sue’s twin brother, Marlow looked at Tracy and said, ‘’Are you shore Sue must have run away, because of me?’’ Tracy nodded her head. She had no other choice, but lie to everyone else after Sue was gone. Marlow sat down for a minute. Suddenly no one said a word. Sue was gone and that’s it! Sue was again in the air, but holding candy’s and Lacey's arms. ‘’Where are we going,’’ lacy asked. ‘’to the castle of deaf. Then back home!’’ sue answered. Candy's eyes opened wide as fire balls. ‘’Sue I’m a car expert, I can fix you a car and we can drive there, it’s easy!’’ Sue just smiled at candy's statement. Ok, Sue thought, first we need a car to fix then we’ll be on our way. Chapter 5 Tracy sat and ate her lunch and looked up at Marlow. He slightly took out the map of Adventure Island. Sue is gone and it’s my entire fault, he thought. Tracy looks at her plate. ‘’Soon we go to the west mountains then spilt up to find the girl.’’ Capt. Bird said. Sue kicked the old car and looked around. Candy looked up and said ‘’Sue look for a dark ecko crystal and daisies from the west.’’ Sue ran to the gate of evil we are now in war. There Sue had to fight huge bug’s bats and frogs. Soon Sue found the dark ecko. It was blue? I thought it was black, Sue thought. Someone is right behind her. Tracy ran into the woods, ‘’Sue, Sue’’ she called. Tracy looked around the dark forest of depth. Sue look around to see someone behind her. As a flash of blond hear came out of nowhere. ‘’Lacy, is that you?’’ asked Sue. No one answered. ‘’Hmm, I just thought I saw someone her maybe my eyes are just fooling me!’’ she said again. She went back to the car. On her way she picked daisies from the west. Candy took the daisies and the dark ecko. Then she screamed ‘’Ahh, a rat.’’ do u like it soo far?! if you do comment me and when i'm done ill post the whole story. i know its alot but it's still worth it!
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