I've been doing a ton of reading (as always). More manga reading than usual though. Winter makes me laaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyy~~~ Mostly I've been reading random manga, and some books that I've been wanting to read for some length of time. Here's some recent ones:


  • Saga of Darren Shan- I've been reading this series for a while and am on the last book. I normally don't like vampires (or at least the modern cliched ones), but I love the ones in this series, and count dracula.
  • The Looking Glass Wars- Another twisted "Alice (or in this case Alyss) in Wonderland" version. I suppose fans of the original would dislike it, but it's rather good (though plentiful in bloodshed).
  • The Hunger Games- I'm still reading this. I know a lot of people have read it, and I'm liking it enormously so far. I think I'm into books with some bloodlust in it. :/
  • The Lightening Thief- The popular book-to-movie series. I watched half of the movie and now finished the series. It's a good series, and the greek mythology was a plus (I like greek myth).


  • Ludwig Revolution- I love twisted fairytales. Especially these dark ones. The characters are interesting, and so are the stories and plot. Though, the darkest are in the begin then become lighter towards the end. It entertained me thoroughly
  • Bleach- Decided to try it out for once. It's not bad, now that I've read a few volumes. I guess I'll have to read a few more to really get a sense of it though.
  • Dreamland- The art may be disagreeable for quite a few people, but the plot is interesting, and personally, I find the style intriguing.
  • Vampire Knight- I didn't have much taste for this one... It's dark and all, but I've outgrown the taste for cliched romance, or things that revolve all around it. A little bit here and there, sure, but... I've only read the first volume though.
  • Are you Alice?- Alice in Wonderland really is getting quite popular, and many different versions are appearing. This one revolves around a boy apparently named Alice (yes a BOY). I love the style very much, and the story is interesting too. It's about a game to kill the White Rabbit. And only the real Alice can kill him.
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