Technically, where I live it isn't 2011 yet, but whatever. The year as usual seems to have flown by so fast! @_@ My New Year's resolution this year is to come up with a better resolution for next year. Smile

In 2011 Imma make so much art I'll have nowhere to put it. Jk. I want to make it quality art, so I'm probably going to make a drawing every few days. I wonder if I can make 100. I'm so looking forward to summer. Highschool's great and all, but it's still SCHOOL, and I need out as soon as possible.

2010's been a great year. One of the best I've had, really. *sigh* Another year older. I'm too young to be upset about growing older, but I like being a kid. I've grown out of so many things, it's depressing sometimes. XD Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store anyway.

Have a Happy New Year!!!

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Have a Happy New Year too!!!!! :D 2010 was one of my best computer years, and I feel like the same thing for the art. I think I made over 100 drawings last year but I maybe did.
  • January 1, 2011
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