Another update ;D well since it's the end of winter break ;__; I have nothing to do except write a blog. I'm going to make a story, what kind of story do you guys want (I bet you 50 cents* that no one's gonna answer) But what kind of characters do you want ^__^. I'll pick the best one :D (I'm still betting you no one's gonna comment this pointless blog)

More about me:

I am TEN years old, did you see my tuts? People say that I draw good but I know they're all lying...LIARS!!! I love to draw and practice EVERY SINGLE MINUTE ( ;__; ) I love manga and anime and people say I'm too young to watch anime D:< I have a mind of a 12 yr old so BEAT THAT! Ha...Not the smarts of a 12 yr old but the personality of one. I don't get disturbed when I watch anime I think it's pretty cool ^__^


I found an awesome site that I can draw without membership (but this site has exclusive kidstaffs ;_____; I'm going to cut myself now JK) and I found VOCALOID because of you ;D

Pinkfire (that awesome kidstaff ;____Wink she drew an AWESOME hatsune miku and I googled it ^^ (he like from GackxLuka "GO GOOGLE IT")  Well I love you now and will always ALWAYS stay here...anyway you may think I'm crazy but...he...I KNOW I KNOW,

Sorry for reading this LONG blog ;D

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