I don't watch much anime because there's TONS of them but I saw Black Rock Shooter it was epic! :D The fight scenes are quick and intense and who doesn't like seeing girls with black hair in bikini tops ;3 (JK).

Special A I love that show it gets you addicting to watch. (Romance Comedy >.<Wink

Maid -Sama I also like it ;3 it is also romace junky but funny at the same time :D plus who doesn't like seeing cute teens with maid outfits??

OHSHC- Ouran High School... (HARD LONG NAME!!!) Well the same like maid-sama and special A ;3

Naruto - One of the first animes I watched ;3 Untill the fillers showed up Unhappy but it's awesome and popular too ;3

If you say "DURR WHAT ABOUT BLEACH?!?!DESU..." Then I don't like watching Bleach!! Too hardcore (Like Boku No Pico O__e) but I like the openings :3

Princess tutu - not much into ballet but this show makes me wanna learn it! :D

Other animes too :D List your favorites if you have time or is bored


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