"Thousands of birds fall from the sky!" "Dead fish cover shores...." you've heard 'em, right? These stories. They're real. Water turned green and all the fish are dead, so what's been going on? Well, I do smell a conspiracy lurking on these shores, but due to the law, I AM permitted to speak out my opinions without being prosicuted. Anyway, I feel that someone leaked in a poisin, or, chemical compounds that altered the color of the water that was deadly to the fish, but the birds drank from it and now they both suffered. That's what I belive, what do you guys think about the situation?

Quote:Originally posted by: keerilum... i dont know. im in australia. its flooded here.
Well, lucky you. America is having serious issues with its higher ups, all because ethnic critisism is now considered 'racism' when used against the president. It's down right stuped and corrupted! I wish people w...
  • January 8, 2011
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