Uhhh---yeah I'm going to write this story DAILY so login in here like pfff everyday XD. Here's a prologe ( BTW it's about magic powers or some junk like that )

   Kokoro whispered under her breath..."Even though I don't belive in magic, I could just wish-wish that...I would help my mom if I could get powers. Special powers." She sighed then glanced at the pale ( what's that thing called when you fold's japanese style-UGHHH...umm) paper (LOL I'll just call it paper). A gust of wind had blew her body and by suprise Kokoro had opened her hand. " MY PAPER!" She cried. The peice of folded paper swam through the river banks like a boat and sailed away. "It's no use anyway..." She mumbled.

Yeah ^^; if anyone knows what the paper is called I'll gladly credit you. Oh yeah and heads up...

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Topics: story, daily, bored, outta, mah, mind, PAPER
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