ok i have desided that i will be making a comic on hear cuz i cant draw on ps you lucky peopel X)

the comic is called elemental paws or EP for short the intro will come during this week so be sure you see it

the intro is going to take 6 pages but posible more cuz i will be usin the websites drawing thing so yr

about the comic- it will be based on wolfs and posible humans/other animals it is about a wolf who is a human and she died in the human worled and was reborn in another with the power off all the elements she is to travel around the world with her new friends kiwi and staticfur

haha that sounds corny but in a way not im going to put the cover up now and start to draw see you all soon (: D

~ mewz

Topics: wolf, wolfs, ep, comic, coming, soon
sounds cool I can't wait
  • May 6, 2013
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