Is miku hatsune is EVERYTHING in vocaloid?? How about the others? If you only heard of miku hatsune, rinkagamine/len, kaito, meiko and all the other important ones then ... . WOW, I'm sorry but there are much more vocaloids then the important famouse ones. Kiyoteru (the teacher) he's VERY unknown. Most people compare him to KAITO, but there's a HUGE difference, he's much more higher then KAITO. Yuki, she's VERY unknown too-she nine years old and her design is unique (she doesn't have that weried trend by other vocaloids...), I feel sorry for, 4/10 vocaloid fans know Yuki (I think...). Miki, She's not very unknown...but still people don't know her. New VOCALOIDS-

Gachapoid- People don't know him Unhappy he sounds like a cute frog BTW *o*




LILY (she is known)

The color is red for Yuki's color

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