HYE!!!! i'm back!!!! sorry it took me so long to contineu... but it's here!!! and hope you like it!!!



Fumi and her friends continued thier life normally..... all until fumi's 16th birthday. her sensei died a couple of weeks before her birthday. she and her team mates were really upset. akara was the one who took it worst. Akio sensei was like a father to her. she lived with him because her parents died in the war.

Days before fumi's 16th birthday, she started to feel different. she was getting bad fevers every now and then, and sometimes, red stripes appear on her body. Fumi knew what it ment, but never told enyone. her friends were getting woried about her and Fumi knew it.so the day before her birthday, she ran away. she went to the place where she was born. by the time akara and keiko got there, it was too late. her parents had taken over her body and she was forced to take over the world with them. Right then, started a huge battle againts fumi,her friends and her parents.


well, my hands are getting tired. i know its short but i'll contineu it soon.....

hope you like it so far...

Topics: rpc, oc, naruto, shippuden
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