Dawn of Rebirth

      We laughed. Elrich patted me a good hard pat on the back, "Great job killer, another sucessful mission." I laugh and reply, "Yeah, maybe one of these days you'll give me a vacation." Elrich snorted and all the laughter and cheering stoped dead cold.

      The room had an erie silence. All the eyes of my peers on me. I know any one of them could shoot me down at Elrich's orders.

     I smile nervously, raise my hands, as if to defend myself and say, "Kidding, kidding." Elrich starts chuckling and then they all burst into laughter. I weeze a sigh of relief. "You know Hunter," started Elrich, "I might give you a vacation, if you do tripple dutty for the next month without pay, food, or shelter from us." I snorted in reply, "C'mon Elrich, you know I ment it when I said 'Kidding', right?" We both share a chuckle.

     Elrich and I, we look so perfectly alike and yet so different, we have the same eyes, hair, same height, similar voice, similar face, shape, almost perfectly identical. Elrich's my boss, along with being the boss with everybody else in this room, he's smarter, better, faster and stronger than me, and anyone else. All of us are werewolves, except of course the waiters and waitresses as well as the maids, and we all know Elrich is the alpha male, even though he and I are both about 13, 14 even. He still hasn't selected an alpha female yet, nobody knows why.

     I swallow down almost everything they surve until I feel sick. I notice Elrich talking with some people I've never seen before, giving some glances in my direction every now and then. A look of caution seems to haunt their eyes in their stare at me.

     After the party, I went back to my room. I checked my hair in the mirror. I looked like a mess. My silver hair is all messy, my brown eyes are the only thing that doesn't look bloodshot, there's stains all over my shirt and at some point I got food on my scar across my nose without realizing it. I clean myself off in the bathroom and go into the main bedroom of my room. The place was way to big for me. The bed was at least 8 times wider than me. I crawl under the sheets and go to sleep.

     "Silvia" Whispered a soft, girl voice, "Silvia......Silvia, wake up Silvia......." I feel my body shudder, pain courses through for a moment and then it is numbed, a girl lay before me, blood everywhere. Holes all over. Bullets everywhere. Bullet holes cover her everywhere it could prove fatal. Her eyes were closed, her hair and blood everywhere, her scarlet ginger black hair, everywhere. The sound of gunfire faint in the distance. The smell of blood.... so familiar, yet so distant.......

     I awoke with a startle. I was sweating all over. My heart was beating hard against my chest. My throat was dry. Who was that girl? I thought, and who is this, Silvia, person? Could it be me? No, my name is Hunter Verg, or at least that's how everybody refers to me as since I got amnesia, there's no way I could be 'Silvia'. Or..... could it?

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Great work! Hehehe....this is so mysterious! I want more...(like a drug LOL)
  • January 17, 2011
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Quote:Originally posted by: mimiskyGreat work! Hehehe....this is so mysterious! I want more...(like a drug LOL) Except this is save and more intruging than a drug
  • January 17, 2011
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