Spiritstar opens her green eyes, and yowls in surprize. she didnt fell hot, but there was leaping orange flames everywhere. she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to make the image go away, but to no result. she raced toward the flames, knowing that this was a dream, and jumped into them. she landed in front of a black tom cat, and he laughed "not so couragous now, are we?" he let out a few more laughs and then faded away. Spiritstar yowled in anger, then she heard a smooth, distant voice; "beware, Spiritstar, Beware of the clan you cannot trust....." the voice faded away and spiritstar blinked open her eyes. there were claw marks all over the stone floor of her den, and the nest was shreded. she got up, grooming the moss out of her pelt. she came out of the den, her eyes gleaming and troubled. her tabby pelt shone in the sun,l and she realized that she was up early.

Topics: warrior, cats, animals
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