ok so I was bored in algebra class and I got this idea in my head

after taking this algebra quiz and I started writing  =P


I wish my brain were a computer

It would be nice for things I dont understand

I could simply upgrade my software

or download the information

This would be most helpful in algebra

I could just walk into the store

and purchase a rules of algebra disk (XD)

and simply slide it in my head

and download ....

If my brain were a computer

I could do a wide variety of things

I could program it to have internet

in which I could use for the next big tests

 or a pop quiz.

And if there was something I wished to forget

I could simply press delete

But sadly

my brain is not a computer

So I'm just going to go to sleep  (XD)



Topics: poem, thing, computer
Quote:Originally posted by: CPstar32
haha nice.
  • January 26, 2011
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