Here are the character's profiles until the chapter comes up.

Shijin Shika, Gender: Female, Age: 22 years old, Hair; Blonde, Weight: 120 pounds, Height: 5'6,



Midori Ichigo, Age: 14 years old, Weight: 90 pounds, Height: 5'3, Hair: Black,


Shijin Shika: She is very creative and artistic, she has glasses carrying around with her  everytime and never leaves them. She also has a silly hat along with her too. She's a kind woman and can be cruel when she feels like it, and BEAWRE OF TACOS :U lol.

Midori Ichigo: She has a tomboy-ish personallity and hates dreaded pink, her hair was orginally pink but died her hair black insted. She's goofy and silly most of the time and sometimes she's dead serious. Do not mess with her D:, she ate my cookies.

Here are some spoilers! Here's the first special guy X3 you'll get to undertans later in the book...

Kurai Anata, age: 17 years old, height: 5'5, Weight: 109, Hair: Black


Kurai: He feels like an out-sider, he doesn't hang out with most people and he never smiles. Lonely guy :c, sometimes he just want to jump off a bridge. I WON'T ADD ANY MORE BECUASE YOU HAVE TO FIND OUT

I'm going to add chapter 1 of "Possessed" by:ME I won't neglet you "Possessed"  ( O 3 O) hope you guys read it!


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Quote:Originally posted by: AngieTheBuny
cool thanx for the update

Yeah it's going to be awesome  (well I'll try to make it look awesome /shot/)
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