so lateley ive been watching alot of vampire animes and right now im watching one called the black blood brothers the main charecters voice sounds like kyo from ouran highschool host club and hes realy funny okay so its about brothers that are vamps and they are trying to go to a place called the special zone and lots of people try to kill them along the way and ?!@# like that anyway i realy want to be a vampire like here are the pros and cons.

cons: not able to go in the sun, cant stand holy water or garlic or wooden stakes or guns, having to kill people and being dammed to hell

pros: living forever, incredible streanght, speed and powers. 

so vote and lets see if its better to be mortal or a vampire!!!!

Topics: vampire, problem
Since there are a lot more pros than cons to being human, I would rather be mortal.
  • January 24, 2011
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