okay how do you tell if a guy likes you. Cuz theres like this dude in my class and he's always sneaking up behing me saying "I know were you live" then he'd be like "Haha, just kidding"  then one other day one of his friends was like "HE LOVES YOU!" but i dont know if that was just like a joke or not. It's fustruating please HELP!. I'm not good at dramatic stuff like this.

Topics: i, don't, like, high, school, drama, ._.
Hmm it depends on how long he has been doing that for. If he does like you, this might be a way of getting ur attention at first, when he knows he has ur attention instead of always saying "I know where u live" he will start with other jokertive things to keep that attention ur giving him, and then ...
  • February 7, 2011
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im kinda desperate, its gettingkinda creepy ._.
  • February 8, 2011
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