WOAH! I've made so many books I couldn't count them! Okay this is my MAIN series so don't get too excited. I'm so sorry if I didn't finish the other books...I was too lazy XD and the manga...well I was too lazy LOL anyways enjoy ^^ It's fairly long though,

Chapter 1

The Compass, The Light.

   Well I suppose I should tell the story... eh? Trust me...everything is true, I won't tell you who I am because the author "demanded" me not to, so you would guess for yourself. Figuring out how I speak is extremely a hint away. It all starts at the beggining. This story focuses on the main character-ah this girl. Her locks were swayed  to the side, her eyes were firm and had looked rather serious, her rosy bum cheeks were soft and delicete. She would fidget with her long fingers to kill time and hunch over from time to time.

   This girl had a rather odd personality too, she would never speak until told to, she would do opposites from the opposites and focus on small things unless of huge things. She would never smile, never talk, and never care. Her soul was emotionless.

   This is going to get fun, rather fun indeed! As told from a bum, she had many, no wait-extremely gossips about her. No one would even dare speak, look or even think about her! She was ignored ever since, she didn't complain about this abserd fuss. Well let's just skip to the point...mkay?

 Her name was Caramell Hidgens.

   Caramell went to the upper deck (AKA the top of the house) and decided to get rid of gems. A tall hot-pink flamingo, a deck of poker cards, torn out baby-blue blankets, and some rubber toys made from the ware house industries, everything was pretty normal.

   Like some rubbish plot, she found a sparkling light beaming in the distance. It had looked like a copper ambit. She picked it up and observered the compass. Next was a timer. The brass bars held the timer up, it was going to hogwash away, the limey dust had proven that the timer were made in the 1900's.

   Without speaking a word, she picked up these utensils with her scarf which were sitting right next to her. The floor was cashed with classic treasure and pooled around. She picked her self up and began to shift in her damp room. Her hair had entwined while running. Her heavy eyebolls gazed on the walloping objects.

   A thin letter smoothly taped on the back of the compass was moaning for Caramell to scan it. The edges of the letter was ripped apart and the appearance was bad either. It had been torn and wrenched with bacteria and germs filled with tiny dusts.

The letter had read in fat bold letters had told us:

    Dear user who pardons to use this,

For rather purposes, I should tell you-the power of this compass and timer is unstoppable. The power is too much for a normal human to handle. Your tycoon had encouraged me to genorously hand this special present to a mere human. I must say, your one of the special one, your father had passed away, your mother goes to work absolutly all the time, a fierce nanny is here to abort your profile, and your personality is very unique. Very, very, unique indeed. Inside between these cold veins and blood, there's still a shininging light embracing your heart, there's still hope! How you start,

1. Lock the timer to 0:00


2. Don't press start yet! Whisper a country you would like to vist,


3. Press start and the timer will import you in two mere seconds.


4. Look for unique people who had gotten this letter in every country


5. Unite them together, a special suprise is to await my child!



   "My-my lady Hidgens, more cup of t-t-tea?" The butler stuttered. His smooth slick jet-black hair was anxious to be free. "One lump please." She whispered. Oh my! She finally spoken! Well didn't I just tell you before? She can ttalk at nessosary times, when she wants to.

   " What's that?" The strict nanny demanded in a holler.

    The girl shook her bulging head franticily,

    " Give it! Now!" The nanny ordered.

     The girl still shook her head.

   "I am your nanny! Give it right now or I'll have to burn all your stuffed toys!" The girl paused with regret, thick lumps of sweat melted down her throat. Her firm eyes had out-stared the mole faced nanny. Even the nanny was terrified of her. " I do not want my toys burned and flamed away, Mistress Tillet. If you do burn my toys then I'll just have to call my mum." The mistress backed away, cowering in fear. "Uh-uh-wel um...carry on!"

   The girl had a true soft heart inside, but everyone seemed terrified of her, dunno why. The lagoon was a quarter full.

   It was 9:30, she was still awake, even if it's past of bed time. Blankets were leaped over her head. Caramell would smell her own breath humming down the lane. The oxygen she would breath was warm and humid because of the blanket over her head.

   It was deeply patched with her mother's sewn stiches and oriented by her mother. She was a famous tailot with another job of a company boss. She would labor all of the important richment and import cargos or sewn clothes from the industious steel weapons from England. There were trades of scones and fish and chips but if we get lucky, thre might be imports from rare islands and countries.

   Caramell thought of a country she would dream of kicking the bucket to America.

Yes....America, where all the freedom lands from the salty shores to the Liberty Island. Freedom is what she wanted, Caramell wanted not to be bossed around from nannies and instructors. Her life was a quiet trained soft pug.

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