This is starting on the second end of the fourth chapter of my book...

I know school has been drastically different since the changes of me, but today feels suspicious...maybe it's because last night I almost got caught by "The Pack", but I'm getting that same feeling again. All the thoughts of my night are spinning through my mind like a slideshow stuck on repeat, but the pictures and words are together to were you can't see either one. I just don't know what is to happen to day, but I guess I will find out.

     I started to head to the main building again to get my folder when the air changed, so I knew one of them was here. I hurried to my locker as quick as I could, even using my powers, since everyone was in class. Getting to my locker I got out my folder, but I took longer than usual since I wasn't paying too much attention to the locker...

     Coming down the steps from the main floor only I would be able to hear him with my sensitive ears, but it was not in comparison to his body. He looked around '6'4' with a muscular tone. Wearing a tight,navy blue t-shirt you could see every muscle, even while relaxed. Dark blue jeans with black sneakers,casual, but it didn't seem casual--not on him.

      But his body was just the start..his eyes were brown, wanting to reel you in each second, with hair to match. Silky, cropped, and messy..perfect for him. The perfect toned face, but his skin a little tan, like a hard worker's skin durin the summer, but not too tan at all.

     He came down the stairs the second I got my folder out, seeing me, he looked at me. I knew he was a new student, because I would have seen him before. Then, he came up to me, and opened his perfect lips.

"Uh, hi, my name is Rodney...I'm new here. I was hoping someone could show me were my class is..could you help?"

  The voice matched everything about him, kind of deep, and husky. I saw that he had a notebook and folder with him, and on top of the notebook was a schedule. So I took out my hand for the schedule, and he let me see it.

   He had all the upper level classes, four of the seven with me. The next class was biology, second period, which he had with me. So I handed the slip back to him, and decided to speak.

"Well." I said looking at him,"You have the same class with me next, so I can show you the way and we can talk about your other classes when we get there." I smiled, because truly, I liked he was in my bio. class. 

"Okay." He said sweetly, secretly I think he was glad too.We headed to the class, which was at the end of the hall, and opened the door. 

Chapter 5

All eyes have been on me for the past couple of months because the beauty of me from my change, but when we came into the room no one was looking at me. I came in first, then he closed the door, from holding it for me, and came in. The whole class never stopped staring at him from the moment he came in.

    I brought him to the teachers desk so he wouldn't feel awkward, and he stood beside me.

"Ms. Hood, this is Rodney." I said, then went and sat at my table. This was the only class I didn't have everyone sitting around me, but the tables had two seats to each one, and the rest of the seats were full.I was glad Rodney was the one to sit by me, he seemed decent enough...

   Rodney got in front of the class and presented himself.

"Hello Mrs. Hood, class, my name is Rodney, I came from Miami, Florida..I moved here for my dad, he got a better construction job, so...I'm glad to be here." 

During his little speech every girl was in ah, and every guy was in disgrace of new competition. I think he was glad to sit by me, because I was the only one looking normal, even the teacher was hyperventilating..So he came and sat by me, in the third row of four.

   The teacher started a video about viruses for the day, so I knew people would be staring. But all Rodney could do was turn to me, and start a conforsation. 

  "So. How long have you been going here?" he said in a whisper looking straight at me.

   "You should be watching the video, Mrs. Hunt usually gets most of her questions from them."

   "I've already gone through viruses at my school, we had already started plants, the next section." Well, guess he was like me then, since in my free time I read the biology book twelve times at least.

    "I've been going here since I was in kinda-garden."

   He looked surprised by my answer,

   "Wow, that long, thought you had just got here the way guys look at you."

I was confused, how did he know that guys were acting that way? I know he is a guy and all, but he had just got here.

  "What do you mean? I mean, how do you know that.?"

   "Well, aside from me being a guy, I see the way they are staring at you right now..." We both took a quick glance around the room, and saw everyone staring at us, we couldn't help but smile and laugh.

   He was so close to me that when he talked I could smell his breath, ironically it was my favorite smell, the smell of a forest right after it rained... Perfect--earthy. I could also see his eyes better from in the darkness of the room, they started to take me in when Cassie passed me a note.

    'what r u and Rodney talkin' about!! He's so old is he??'

  I read the note, and saw Rodney read it too, he laughed softly, too soft for Cassie to hear. Then he took the pencil I had in my hand and wrote on the note..

   "What are you doing!? Give it back!" I whispered loudly.

    "Just answering the second." he said, then passed the note to me. I read it, then passed it to Cassie, she had no clue that Rodney had answered or read it till she got it back.

    ' hi Cassie, it's Rodney. Me and Amy are just talking about school. And I'm 15 if u were wondering. Smile'

   Even in the darkness you could see her face go red from embarrassment, she took the note, folded it, and put it in her pocket. She and half the class were watching the movie now, but Rodney went back to talking, he started to write something as we spoke.

   "So am I right about all the boys liking you?" he said, then smiled.

   "Yes, but it goes the same way for the girls and you..." I said smiling.

   "Oh u like me?" he said smiling a wide grin.

   "You seem like an okay guy." More like a 'god' really...

    " But nothing more than a friend.." he said, it sounded like he had a serious, but sad tone, I was confused.

   " No, I just met you, like twenty minutes ago." I said giggling. The bell rung then, and we got up. 

   " Well, we'll be seeing alot more of each other. Those feelings could change. Here, I wrote some stuff about me for your friend Cassie to know so she doesn't have to pass anymore notes when I'm talking to you. It's for you too, to know me better. Talk to you later." He was out of the room before I could say anything, but I wanted to say so much. Guess it would have to wait for fourth period...

   I read the letter on the way to third period.

     'things about me: for you(Amy) my number's 501 463-****(cannot put # in, ppl might call it, and I used my own for the preview..-parker) text me. 

For any grl:

I am a straight A student. I have an 8 pack. I live way out in the woods. Love sports. Just ask if u want to know more...'

   As if he couldn't get any more perfect, he was. I sat in my seat and tore off the number, then past the note to Cassie. She is in my second, third, and first period. Third period was Geometry, so I did need to pay attention in this class.

    She read the note, passed it to me, but didn't say a word the whole period. Guess she still was frazzled from the note from Biology, though I did see the note peaking out from her pocket, so she didn't throw it away. The rest of the class period was boring, work packets, so I finished them quickly, and zoned out to think of things.

    Before I knew it the class was over, so I got up to head to fourth period. I was so excited for the next class because I would get to see Rodney. I would never let him know, but I have never been more alive...

    I got outside and headed to the choir room, I was about to go up the stairs when I got picked up by my stomach and carried till we were at the top of the stairs.

     "You were walking so slow! I had to speed you up. So are you in band or chorus?" Rodney said playfully.

     "Well, here we say choir, and that's were I'm going.." I said, then I giggled. He put me down then took my stuff, he put it in one of his arms, then put his other one towards me.

     " Your chariot awaits m'lady." He said, asking if I wanted a piggy-back ride. So I took his hand, and he slung me onto his back like I was backpack with nothing in it other than a 125 pound girl. 

    He ran with me on his back all the way to the choir room screaming at the same time.

   "Oh no, it's the evil monsters Rodney and Amy!!! Run!! Haha!!" He screamed.

   I laughed all the way, too. When we got to the class everybody was staring at how word we looked. We just kept laughing. 

    "So your in choir class?" I said to him surprised.

    "Yeah, I can sing I guess." he said. Then he headed over to the teacher.

     "Class, our new student Rodney has requested that he should be one of our singers today...who wants to be the other?" the teacher, Ms. Terri, said. She saw me and Rodney come in, so of course she picked me.

     While I went to the front of the class, Rodney grabbed a guitar...of course, he knew how to play it. The teacher told us to sing a song that would have emotion to it, to make the kids feel what we were feeling. 

Rodney told me a song that would do the trick, and I knew it too, so we decided what we were going to sing. So we told the teacher we were going to sing two songs, one acoustic, one with his iPod, and so we started with the song "Whiskey Lullaby"

     Rodney started to play the guitar and sing, he could sing so good! I joined in, and we just looked at each other while we sung, you could see some girls start to cry from the song. It was starting too get more depressing till the end came, I had a few tiers in my eyes...

     The next song was "Bring Me to Life", he plugged in everything in less then a minute and the song started, this was going to be interesting...So we got around the piano, and I started to sing. We got into the song and the class started to smiling and sing to themselves if they knew the words.

      Rodney forgot about them because he came over and got so close to me, but it was part of the song, emotion. The song ended once again, and his iPod kept going till he turned it off quickly, but before he could I recognized the song..."Nothing else matters" by Metallica. I liked that song.

    So the class went on of the class singing a song in a different language, Rodney caught on quick, and then the bell rang. I started to head to the cafeteria when Rodney ran up beside me.

     "Hey, we need to talk." he said serious.

    "Why can't we do it at lunch?" I said concerned. 

    "Because, it's important."

    "Okay...well..were do you want to talk?"

     "Come with me." he said as he took my wrist, I was surprised by the grip, so strong, uncontrolled. I knew something was wrong, I had to get out of his grasp, and run.

     "Rodney, Rodney." I said hastily, "first u need to tell me what we are going to talk about...cause your scaring me." 

     "I should scare you!!" he turned around and his face was different, anger and hate in it. "Come on." he said pulling me with him. He was starting to really scare me, so I had to get Alex to come. I summoned her, and she came. 

     She was fast enough that Rodney didn't see her, she got me out of his grip and we ran. I bet it was all a blur to him. I was off, and I wasn't coming back to school that day. It was the day before Spring Break anyway.

Chapter 6

"Why!? Why put that boy in danger!? Amy! I thought you were smarter than this! Also summoning Alex!? You couldn't get away from a teenage boy?! What has gotten into you?" Apule screamed at me for a long time before she cooled down, and when she did I could finally tell her.

      "That 'boy' had more strength than a humane. That's why I summoned Alex! I couldn't get out of there with my little strength. That's why I had to run too, and not go back for the rest of the day. I don't know what happened to him at all." I said full heartedly.

     "What do we do now? We've been on the run from 'The Pack'...are you sure he's not one of them?" Alex said calmly.

      "Be couldn't be, he's too different from them." I said hastily. "But for the trouble I have put us in I will be the spy tonight..see you girls in the morning."

     After I said goodbye I ran home, just in time for my mom to think I went all day to school. My mom wasn't home, guess she had another late night at work, good, so i dont have to wait for her to go to sleep to head out. I searched my pockets,I took the number out of my pocket and text Rodney, he text back immediately.

   'Rodney, what happened today, you scared me, big time.'

'Amy, I don't know what happened myself, guess the first day drama got to me...some guys told me they thought we were'

      'Drama?? So...what did you tell them.?'

'I told them that even though we just met I have strong feelings for you, look outside'

      I looked outside and he was standing there, I was surprised, but also scared. I text him back.

       ' what r u doing here?! How did u get my address?'

'Cassie gave it to me, come out, I swear not to hurt you'

     I trusted him, so I went outside to meet him with the phone in my hand. I put the phone in my pocket when I got to him, what did he want? When I got to him I smiled, he lifted me up and gave me a hug while spinning me in a circle..He put me down, then spoke...

     "Amy, like I said, I have strong feelings for you, but I have to sustain them, and I know you won't understand this, but it's for your safety. If I ever hurt you again I know I will regret it." He said looking into my eyes..

   " may not understand this, but I know exactly what you mean..." I said then smiled.

   "Well..." he said after a long moment,"I've seen your house, you want to see mine?" He said sounding excited, I only live a half a mile that way, and pointed towards the forest,my backyard. 

      "No thanks, I'm really busy tonight, but come up around noon tomorrow?" I said hopefully.

      " Twelve O'clock at the dot." he said with a big grin,"well, bye." he said walking off towards his four wheeler I didn't see behind one of my trees, and took off.

       After he lef,t I went inside the house. I put on a brown vneck and some badge kakis, my running/ woods shoes, then left. I went towards the south(my backward) then west. 

    I didn't have to go far before I picked up something, the air wasn't cold, but different. Another mile later and I could hear them, but I had to be dead silent.

    "We let that tick get away last night. Tonight we get all three. Now, Rodney had to take care of some things, so he will be here soon. Until then I make the calls, so let's take this free time to train." the one named Charles said. Then he continued. "I want all of you to sniff out the area, because we are on vampire territory, and bring me anything you might find that might belong to them."

    Oh no, I'm here! I couldn't run without getting seen this time



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[quote="emily190295"]URGH! WRITE MORE!!! MORE!! GO! NOW!! WRITE!!  :DU read the whole 3/4 of the 5th chapter already??!
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There u go Emily...ALOT more to read. And tell everyone else to read it too.
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what book is this
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[quote="tay-tayjay-jay"]what book is this

Well. It's my book I'm writing. called the only one.
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Ik I got names and stuff mixed up, and some spelling mishaps...I'll fix them some time in the future..:/
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[quote="Artfart2016"]OMG luvs it haha im writing a book too its called fallen, about these fallen alngels blah blah blah but um amazing story love it!!! seriously i read it all and it made me want more of it Haha. thanks. I've wrote a lot more...just haven't posted it to this site yet.:/ I will tho ...
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