so yester day me and my friend where walking when my beat friend caomes up to me and  says "kates becoming one of them" and then im like "whos them and she says "keren and them" and im like "keran isn't that bad" and she shoves me ands says "u just dont want to belive it so just go follow ur master lik the robot u r" and then she walked away. later i was talking to kate and i told her what molly sayd then her and molly got it a fight over facebook and then molly blamed it on me she says i start stuff the this hole drama thing started and me and kate where in the mittle of mollys and kerns little fight it whas so frusterating because molly thinks her frends can only hang out with her and prsonly i lik keaen better and u probly really bord right now listing 2 my problums but i was bord a this just happend so i wrout a blog so thanks

                                             ps plese leave a coment and be my friend and hugg a tree

Topics: me, my, friends, and, drama
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