I am quick-witted and creative.  

I am as fast as a cat and as smart as a dog

I am as lovable as someone`s lil sis and as soft as the clouds in the sky.

I am quick-witted and creative

I am as flexible as a bendy straw and as tough as a rock

I am as pretty as the stars in the sky and as delecate as a rose petal

I am quick-witted and creative

But what people only see is what is on the outside and so they fear me, but what i fear the most is what bad things i feel lurking inside me.

On the inside i feel small and lonely, i worry i will not be able to protect the ones i love most.

I understand i cannot always be a kid 

I say i will grow up one day 

I cry because it makes me feel better

I try to be normal even though im not

These things...these feelings that i feel...that i hide from everyone, is what they cant see...truely who i am...the real me.


~Lexi~ I dunno i like writing things like this...just comes to me like that  

Quote:Originally posted by: AngieTheBuny
coo poem. nice creative righting
thx for the comment and for readin
  • March 5, 2011
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