I'm going to  make a sad story 8D well hope you enjoy. It ish bout some girl who grew up yada yada blahh" well if you feel the same way then here's the solution at the end

Chapter 1-


I took a clump of straw and tied them on the jungle, I can't believe it's been more then 2 months. It's year 5007 and every people in my village, DEAD, GONE, ROTTED away. Since us humans had used too much electricity, we use too much oil and it had been gone. Now us humans are suppose to survive, live or die. My mom was taken away by a bunch of teenagers and my dad was shot. Now I was alone, no survivors but me, me? I'm a mere 15 year old, striving to survive. Me? I'm a quiet tought girl who NEEDS to survive.

I wish..somehow that I could change the past and change all our toxic wastes, somehow. I stared in the dirt pond filled with clutches of soil. Tears were raining down my cheekd, I remember my mom's arms who held me tight and whispering.

"I'll never let you go."

I remember my dad who patted on my head and grinning with a thumb up. He would say with a grin.

"I'll always be there!"

I remember my little brother who died of starvation who would always pull my hair and stare at me. He would always count me as a role model and copy everything I did. He would say.

"Your a great role model!"

Look at me! I glanced at myself. On the other side was tears which had heavyly impacted my cheeks and eyes filled with blood, the other was an angry soul who wanted to despise her self. "I hate myself!" I screamed at the reflection. "I want to die and ROT away like my bloody family!"

A grabbed a rock and threw it at the pond which occured rippels. I bit my lips and kicked the rock. "I want some love." I whispered to myself. The animals were gone. The wind started to blow and tides were swaying back and forth.

Was this a clue?

Drips of water had dropped on my hands. "What is this...?" I asked. " A..tsunami!" I shouted. I searched for a high ground and saw a mountain. The jungle was extremely CLOSE to the shores and the hills weren't very close. The hills were 8 feet high. I ran for the hills and tears were over flooded. "I hate this world, I despise my empty life, I despise everything." I screamed. Rain had came and wetted my silky hair. The hills were like cars who ran away form me.

I had nocticed that water was slowly reaching to my feet. That's just the first part. I collasped towards the hills and started climbing. The water started building up on my legs and I started to climb faster. My feet was bleeding, I fell to a hill. The water was up to the base of the hill. I had saw thatthe tsunami had came and waves pushed the hills and it was 71/3 feet long. It had reached my chest. I could not swim so I reached for a solid object, such as a brach from a tree.

The shores had swayed my ratted pants and tore my jacket away. My leg bracelet had ripped off. "NO!" I screamed. That was a key chain of my family on the leg bracelet. I decided to swim for it. The waves had ounched my face and I drowned before my eyes. "Family..." I whispered, my last words. I bubbled deep and closed my eyes. Was this the end? I am the last human on earth? I wish I had died but wanted to experiance love, never did but died short.

She's not gonna die guys lol but you have to wait next time!

Do you want another genre? Love?Mystery?Info?Biography? Well comment if you want a different story lol.

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Quote:Originally posted by: AngieTheBuny
hmmmm. i'd like mystery but. i think yoy rock as it is 8D ~your supporter angiethebuny

Mystery it is XD well I like mystery 8) too
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