Ah, my parents just went to bed, so the house now belongs to this Silver Lucario! (evil laugh)

Oh, hi! I'm SilverLucario12, but you can just call me Silver! I'm Pokemon obsessed, as well as many other topics. Currently, it's 18th century men, don't ask... 

Well, I play percussion in band, the marimba is my favorite instrument. I'm a true music nerd, my favorite composers are Gershwin, Bach, and Mozart. Why Bach? Well, there is a lot of percussion music written for Bach. I also adore Classic Rock, and basically ignore modern pop.

So, let's talk about my warrior OCs, and their story.

Their story starts in the future, so all of the cats are new. Basically, the four clans start to get out of control, and begin fighting. Soon, all of the noble leaders are dead, and a bunch of Psychos take their place. The clans are getting torn apart, and there is only one warrior the cats can depend on...

His name is Scarpath, the son of the past Thunderclan leader. He is part of a prophecy, that tells him to find cats of different clans outside their own forest to stop the fighting. The clan that is most important is Fireclan, and Fireclan's leader, Burningstar. Scarpath finds many secrets along the way, and discovers a new enemy, who is more horrible than anyone can imagine. 

Tell me what you think! 








The cat's of "Oneclan"


I'll draw some of them tonight. I hope you like my idea! 

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