soooooooo it's 1 of d days wen miss "fatty" o'connell says we have 2 wear our jackets even do it's roasting. and 2 girls didnt bring jackets 2 skool coz of er. and were goin out d door for lunch wen she goes "were r ur jackets gurls?" u can see sweat rollin of dere foreheads, wen dey say "we didnt bring1" so  miss fatty says "so ur parents let u out dis morning wen dere waz ice on d rooves and cars" and den dey said "yeah" den "fatty" says "hmm, now i can see y ur d way u r" soo we go out side (dose people were my friends) and we looked 2 see if dere waz ice on d cars and roofs and dere wasnt! so dis tells us , if ur goin 2 lie at least make up a good 1!

Topics: fat, problems, ice, sweat
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