When i was young,around 100,this all happened,*gets ready to
tell you and stops* no that will get confusing. lets start with this game system to
get ya started. this game system Activation. was involved in a very ..um
interesting. they killed some one, that i didnt even know but mabye if i did....i
wouldnt have been so eager to go. but i didnt even know anything about nothing untill now i met my .."soul" friend top invader..witch was replaced by me. her name was Zig. empesis on was. she died from protecting the Tallest. so she is still a angered soul looking for well..me to help her and with luck and faith we CAN do this.! I meet her here on chat and she seemed very eager to be my friend as was i hers.

~end signed invader

Topics: Zig, invaders, zim, me, love, death
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